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"О дне же том, или часе, никто не знает, ни Ангелы небесные, ни Сын, но только Отец (Мк. 13, 32)"

Dr. John Koleman of SECRET of the WORLD GOVERNMENT

Amaze SCALES of DIVERSION: ALL state, financial and economic, educational and other public institutes are seized and are rigidly supervised. Moreover, the TOTAL CONTROL is carried out not only at a public level, but also finished with the control over a level of individual consciousness of each person. The principle of CHANGE is taken by these forces for a basis of their destructive activity. Purposefully, it is planned and irreversible all varies - from a genotype of the Person and environment surrounding it up to mentality and consciousness of people traditional, natural and habitual stereotypes of behaviour. Against Humanity approach on wide front is conducted. Thus the author very precisely notices the basic law, allowing to remain latent and unpunished - gradualness and nezametnost made the enemy of Humanity of changes. Negative results for Humanity become appreciable in years and decades of continuous destructive work.
Further the full text (russian) in zip the form
RUS-SKY (Russian Sky)

Dr. John Koleman

"HERO" · MOSCOW · 2000


Brought to attention of readers the book impartially, objectively and demonstratively shines destructive activity of the forces frankly hostile to Humanity pursuing own purposes, one of which tactical problems is enthralment of people in the world scale by means of system of global management and the control, known for much under the name " the new world order ".

In the book on the basis of the richest actual material the structure of executors of this global plan, mechanisms of management by a society and ways of influence on individual and collective consciousness of people, scales of manipulation with people, methods of aggressive information and propaganda activity which scope did not dream even Goebbels's to department are opened organizational - sotsiumnaja, the most obvious crimes accomplished by the mysterious and unbidden world government are listed.

Amaze SCALES of DIVERSION: ALL state, financial and economic, educational and other public institutes are seized and are rigidly supervised. Moreover, the TOTAL CONTROL is carried out not only at a public level, but also finished with the control over a level of individual consciousness of each person. The principle of CHANGE is taken by these forces for a basis of their destructive activity. Purposefully, it is planned and irreversible all varies - from a genotype of the Person and environment surrounding it up to mentality and consciousness of people traditional, natural and habitual stereotypes of behaviour. Against Humanity approach on wide front is conducted. Thus the author very precisely notices the basic law, allowing to remain latent and unpunished - gradualness and nezametnost made the enemy of Humanity of changes. Negative results for Humanity become appreciable in years and decades of continuous destructive work.

From the maintenance of the book the conclusion, that the Western society where us so, now "democrats" and "liberals" persistently aspire to include in all ipostasjah is unequivocal, switching first of all the state - political system, is completely under control to a world wide web from open and closed (secret and confidential) the organizations, and also institutes, mass media and other structures created and controlled from the UNIFORM center which is named the author " Committee 300 ". To east and Asian societies the Committee 300 already allocates a role obedient "obslugi" so already all world is under his the fifth.

The book is especially actual for our reader in connection with events in Russia and the countries CIS and allows to lead numerous parallels and analogies between the ceased events in the West and in the world as a whole, and that occurs at us now. "Inclusion" of Russia and the countries of the former USSR in world financial and economic and "democratic" ideological system has opened a way to large-scale outside influence, a manipulation consciousness of people and to management of our peoples of agents of " the world government ". The book lifts consciousness patriotically-adjusted the reader on the certain height, allowing is system and in a complex, " from height of the bird's flight ", to look at many events and the phenomena of the present and the recent past.

The author does not hide the position - the book proniknuta Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, freedom-loving and a little even rebellious spirit of the first white poselentsev America, and in this respect it certainly the patriot of the country and people. However, this aspiration to upholding national interest also limits it: the maximum, truly global level of consideration of a problem appeared to the author is inaccessible. The TRUTH what behind completely confidential Committee 300 (to a word, the named author the SUPREME supervising body - arises a question " body of that or whom? ") There are forces REALLY SECRET, powerful and extremely hostile to Humanity. These forces are not adhered to passing forms and orgstrukturam, for them and Committee 300, and the numerous organizations in him entering and to it under inspection, are a screen convenient and the duly form of an embodiment of the inhuman plans. Invulnerability of these SECRET forces as the history shows, will consist just in their repeatedly shown ability of easy change of forms with reference to concrete vital, sociohistorical and other conditions.

It is necessary to recognize as a unconditional merit of the author revealing of the modern form of activity of SECRET forces, starting from the description orgstruktur and methods of their activity, and finishing the revealed aspects of long-term planning and programming of the further way of development of Humanity prepared by the enemy of his sort. It be valuable as well that the narration of the author is a certificate from within the American society, a society being a citadel and an axis of all Western world.

In many respects the book is perceived as a management to deep reflection, reconsideration of the validity, and, at last, induces patriotically and independently conceiving people to action, action immediate and urgent for truly TOMORROW WILL be LATE as TOMORROW can not come for all Humanity.

Translation of the book is executed on 2-io to the edition dated on 1992.
The translator


Imagine MOGUSHCHESTVENNEJSHUJU GROUP (which does not recognize any national borders), including a banking, insurance, coal output, trade in medicines, a petroleum industry which members bear the responsibility extremely only before members of this group. It is Committee 300.



During my career of the regular officer of investigation I repeatedly got access to strictly confidential documentation, but during my service as the officer-political scientist in Angola the opportunity to study a lot of completely classified documents which maintenance was extraordinary frank was presented me. That I have seen, has filled me with anger and indignation, and I have followed the road, from which already any more did not turn off - my purpose began to show everything, that for force supervises and operates the governments of the Great Britain and the United States.

I was well familiar with all known secret societies, such as " the Royal institute international has put " (KIMD) (Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA)), " Advice under the international attitudes " (SMO) (the Council «n Foreign Relations (CFR)), " Bilderbergsky club " (the Bilderbergers), " the Tripartite commission " (Trilaterals), ceiienou (the Zionists), a freemasonry (Freemasonry), the Bolshevism - rozenkrejtserstvo (Bolshevism-Rosicrucianism), and also with all branches of these secret societies. Being the officer razvedsluzhby, and even earlier - during my student's youth - when I was engaged in library of the British museum in London, I have up and down studied all accessible information on these societies, and also on many other organizations which as I believed, should be known to Americans.

But when I have arrived to the United States in 1969, I have found out, that such names as " St.. John Ierusalimskogo's Award " (the Order of St. John of Jerusalem), " the Roman club " (Club of Rome), " the German fund of Marshall " (the German Marshall Fund), " Fund Repair " (the Cini Foundation), " the Round table " (the Round Table), " the Fabian society " (the Fabianists), " the Venetian Black aristocracy " (the Venetian Black Nobility), " Society Mont of Pelerines " (the Mont Pelerin Society), " Club of an infernal flame " (Hellfire Clubs) and many others were or are completely unknown here, or, at the best, their true functions badly were understood or not understood in general.

In 1969-1970 I have decided to correct this position, having let out a series of monographies and recorder records. To my great amazement I have soon found out set of people which willingly quoted these names as though they knew about them during all literary career. Thus they did not understand at all essence of a question and did not wish to specify a source of this information which have recently left to the public. I consoled myself in an idea, that the fake is the most sincere form of flattery.

I continued the investigations with former energy before the person of constant risk, attacks on me and my wife, financial losses, constant pressure, threats and slander. All this was a part of carefully developed and directed program of my discredit which was carried out by the governmental agents and the informants introduced into so-called movement " Christian right " (Christian rightwing), " Movement for the statement of the person " (" Identity Movement ") and the right "patriotic" groups. These agents operated and continue to operate under a mask of powerful, fearless and open opposition iudaizmu - ostensibly to their main enemy - of what they try to convince us. These agents-informants operate under management and the control of group of homosexuals which very much love and political and religious conservatives in all territory of the United States respect.

Their program of slander, lie, hatred and disinformation concerning my work, and since recent time also attributings of my works to other writers, proceeds not weakening, but till now she has not reached desirable effect. I shall be and to carry out henceforth the problem while at last I shall not break completely a mask from the secret parallel government working top-level which operates the Great Britain and the United States. This book - a part of my proceeding work.
Dr. John Koleman.
November, 1991.

For certain very much many of us are known, that with people working in our government, these are completely not those people which actually make of the decision on political and economic questions both in internal, and in foreign policy. It induces many to search for the truth in alternative press, at those writers from newsletters which, it is similar to me, searched, but not always found a root of fatal illness of the United States. The formula " search and obrjashchete " not always approached for this group. That we have really found out, so it that people live in a deep gloom, generally not worrying at all about where their country goes, and staying in firm belief, that with it never happen nothing. Such vital position has been brought up at the most part of the population, and this position directly plays on a hand of the secret government.

We frequently hear, that "they" have made "that" or "it". It seems, that "him" literally all escapes punishment, even murder. "They" increase taxes, "they" send our sons and daughters to die in wars which do not bring any benefits to our country. It seems, that "they" always outside of limits of our reach, outside of a field of our sight and when against "them" try to undertake at last concrete actions, "they" as phantoms escape through fingers. It seems, that nobody can precisely tell, whom "they" are. Such position proceeds within decades. On a course of the book we shall establish, whom are these mysterious "they", and after that already @ people will solve how to correct this position.

On April, 30, 1981 I have written the monography which has opened existence of " the Roman club ", having defined it as the body of Committee 300 engaged in subversive activities. In the United States it was the first publication about both these organizations. I asked readers to not run into error of that this clause is ostensibly torn off the validity, and has drawn a parallel between my clause and the prevention which has been let out by the Bavarian government when secret plans "Illjuminatov" have fallen into in his hands. Further in the book we shall return to " the Roman club " and a role of Committee 300 in a policy of the USA.

Many forecasts made in that clause in 1981, already were carried out: for example, purpose for a post of the prime minister of Spain of the unknown person policy Felipe Gonsalesa, returning to Mitterand's authority in France, falling ZHiskar D'Estena and Helmut Schmidt, returning to authority of the Swedish aristocrat and a member of Committee 300 Olafa to Palma, destruction of results of presidency Rejgana, and also undermining of such branches of the industry of the USA, as steelmaking, automobile and house-building, carried out within the framework of the policy of postindustrial zero growth spent under the instruction of Committee 300.

The important role to Palma was, that " the Roman club " used it for delivery to Soviet Union of technologies which export is forbidden by Customs management of the USA, and also in his worldnet of communications used for a concentration of general attention on pseudo-crisis with hostages in Iran when to Palma plied between Washington and Teheran, trying to undermine sovereign unity of the USA and to transfer pseudo-crisis under jurisdiction of one of establishments of Committee 300, namely World court in Hague, Holland.

Open plot against the God and the person who includes enthralment of the majority of people which have stayed on this ground after wars, disasters and massacre, operates especially not disappearing. Scouts have a rule: the best way something to hide - to put it in a prominent place. For example, when in 1938 Germany wanted to hide the information on new superfighter "Messershmidt", the plane has been shown at the Parisian aviation exhibition. While confidential agents and spies collected and transferred data through hiding places in hollows of trees and a bricklaying, the information for which they hunted, laid at them directly near by.

The parallel secret government of a highest level operates not from dark cellars and secret vaults. It has settled down on a kind in the White House, the Congress, on Dauning Strit 10 and in the British parliament. It is similar to those terrible and intentionally chilling blood to films about "monsters" where there is a monster with the deformed features, long hair and longer teeth, growling and splashing a saliva in all parties. These films only distract attention, the PRESENT MONSTERS carry business suits and go for work on a Capitol Hill in limousines.

These people - ON the KIND. These people - servants of the World Government and the New World Order. Similarly to the tyrant who stops the machine and suggests a victim to bring up her, it externally DOES NOT LOOK as a monster whom is actually. If it looked so, his planned victim, shouting from horror, would escape away. The same is fair and for the government at all levels. President Bush DID NOT LOOK as zealous the servant of the parallel government of a highest level; but be not mistaken about his - it the same MONSTER, as well as frights from films of horrors.

We shall stop for an instant and we shall consider, how president Bush has ordered to kill brutally 150 000 Iraq soldier in a column of military machines with the flags of truce, coming back in Iraq according to the Geneva convention on the coordinated separation of armies and their conclusion from fight. Imagine horror Iraq the soldier when them swinging flags of truce, in an emphasis the American planes shot. On the other site of front 12 000 Iraq soldier were alive pogrebeny in trenches with which they borrowed. Whether it is MONSTROUS in true sense of this word? President Bush whence has received orders to operate with such MONSTROUS image? It has received them from Royal institute foreign has put, which has received the mandate from Committee 300, the organization known as well as "Olympians".

As we shall see, even "Olympians" do not hide the persons. Frequently they play the performance comparable unless with the mentioned above Parisian aviation exhibition while the odd fellows who have gone mad on plots waste time on searches of these plots not in that place and not in that direction. Whether you paid attention to how queen Elizabeth II, carries out opening ceremony of the British parliament? There, all on a kind, have a chapter of Committee 300. whether there were you sometime the witness of ceremony of reduction the oath of the president of the United States? There, all on a kind, have other member of Committee 300. All problem will consist only in human perception.

Who these conspirators who serve allmighty Committee 300? The most informed part of our society realizes, that plot exists and that this plot disappears under various names, such as "Illjuminaty", a freemasonry, " the Round table ", "Group Milnera". For them " Advice under the international attitudes " and " the Tripartite commission " associate with all that is not pleasant to them in internal and foreign policy. The some people even know, that " the Round table " has brought in the big contribution to affairs of the United States through the British ambassador in Washington. A problem that the real information on treacherous activity of members of the invisible government is very difficult for receiving.

I quote the deep statement of prophet Osii which is in the Christian Bible:/4.6./" my people for lack of conducting " will be exterminated. Some readers, probably, already heard my exposure of scandal about the help to foreign countries; in this publication I have named some the conspiratorial organizations, which number a legion. Their ultimate goal was a cancellation of the constitution of the USA and inclusion of this country elected by the God as HIS country, in the godless New World Order controlled by the World Government which will return the world in conditions, much more the worse, than what existed in Dark Centuries.

We shall pass to concrete historical examples, for example, to attempt kommunizatsii and deindustrializatsii Italy. The committee 300 already for a long time has decided, that in the future the world should become better and less - much less than now. Here in what their idea of the best world will consist. Billions useless eaters - consumers of the limited natural resources - should be rejected and destroyed. Industrial progress promotes growth of the population, hence, a precept of the Book of Life to breed and process the ground should be pereinachen.

Inevitable consequence of it becomes undermining bases of christianity; slow, but steady destruction of the industrial national states; destruction of hundreds millions people considered by Committee 300 as " the excessive population ", and also elimination of any leader which would dare to become on a way of global planning Committee 300 for achievement of the above-stated purposes.

One of the first impacts of Committee have been put across Italy and Pakistan. The late prime minister of Italy Aldo Moro was one of leaders who has acted against a policy of " zero growth " and reduction of the population ordered for his country. It it has caused anger of " the Roman club " to which "Olympians" have charged to carry out this policy. On court in Rome on November, 10, 1982 close friend Moro testified, that the former prime minister was threatened with the agent of Royal institute foreign has put (RIIA) which also has consisted a member of Committee 300, simultaneously being the state secretary of the USA. The person who was named by the witness, Henry Kissindzher was, and his prompt eminence will be in detail considered further.

We shall remind, that prime minister Moro in 1978 has been stolen by terrorists of " Red brigades " and subsequently is brutally killed. During court above members of " Red brigades " some of them testified that they knew about participation of the high-ranking officials of the USA in plot with the purpose of murder Moro. Threatening Moro, Kissindzher, certainly, carried out not foreign policy of the USA, but operated according to instructions of " the Roman club ", foreign policy division of Committee 300 more likely.

The witness, whose indications at open judicial sessions have made effect of the become torn bomb, close colleague Moro was Gorrado Gertsoni. His amazing certificates have been transferred on the Italian TV and radio on November, 10, 1982, and also printed in several Italian newspapers, but in the USA this major information was simply ignored. Such famous bastions of freedom always knowing all everything as " Washington a post " and " New York tajms " have not given to this the slightest value and have not published lines from testimony Gertsoni.

In my exposure of this heinous crime published in 1982, I have shown, that Aldo Moro, the loyal member of the Christian Democrat party, has been killed by the hired murderers connected to Masonic lodge P-2. The purpose of murder was to force Italy to obey instructions of " the Roman club " on deindustrializatsii the countries and to significant reduction of its population. Plans Moro on stabilization of Italy by maintenance of full employment, removal of intensity in a policy and economy would strengthen Catholic opposition to communists and considerably would complicate destabilization of the Near East - an overall objective of Committee 300.

From above-stated it becomes clear, as far as plans of conspirators far reach. They think at all in scales of five years' plans. It is necessary to recollect applications Vejsgaupta concerning Catholic church to understand, that for forces have been involved in Aldo Moro's murder. Death Moro has removed obstacles to plans on destabilization of Italy and as we now know, has enabled to carry out Near-Eastern plans of conspirators of 14 years later during war in Persian gulf.

The committee 300 has chosen Italy as proving ground. Italy represents importance for plans of conspirators as among the European countries she closely is located to region of the Near East. She is connected to the Near East both economically, and politically. Italy is a stronghold of Catholic church which Vejsgaupt has ordered to destroy, and also the native land of some oligarchical families most influential in Europe belonging to ancient " Black Aristocracy ". If Italy has been weakened by death Moro, it would have consequences in the Near East which would weaken influence of the USA in this region. Italy represents importance and for other reason: these are an entrance gate to Europe at transportation of drugs Iran and Lebanon. Further we still shall return to this theme.

Since in 1968 " the Roman club " has been created, various political groups were united under aegis of socialism with the purpose of displacement of the several Italian governments. Among them were " Black Aristocracy " Venice and Genoa, Masonic lodge P-2 and " Red brigades ", and all pursued the same purposes. Police inspectors in Rome, investigating put about Aldo Moro's murder by " Red brigades ", have left on some rather known Italian families, closely cooperating with this terrorist group. The police also has received certificates that at least in 12 cases these known and influential families gave the houses and other real estate for the organization of strong points of cells of " Red brigades ".

American "aristocracy" also has brought in the contribution to destruction of the Italian Republic, thus Richard Gardner who was the official ambassador of president Carter in Rome has especially tried. At that time Gardner operated under direct control Bettino Kraksi, the important member of " the Roman club " and a key figure in the NATO. Kraksi was a key figure in attempts of conspirators to destroy the Italian Republic. As we shall see, Kraksi has almost excelled in destabilization of Italy and, being one of the main characters in hierarchy of conspirators, it could drag the laws allowing divorces and abortions through the Italian parliament, that in result has led to far-reaching both destructive social and religious consequences: it was one of the strongest in history of impacts on the Catholic church, the authority which has undermined her and, as consequence, moral foundations of the Italian nation.

After election of Ronald Rejgana as the president of the USA in December, 1980 in Washington the important meeting under aegis of " the Roman club " and Socialist Internatsionala has taken place. Both these organizations are directly subordinated to Committee 300. The main question of the agenda was to define ways and means of minimizing of efficiency of presidency Rejgana. Conspirators have accepted the joint plan and if we shall look back back it becomes completely clear, that this plan has been most advantageously executed.

To imagine all grandness and vseohvatnost this plot, it is necessary to name here the purposes established by Committee 300 for forthcoming conquest and management by the world. There are at least 40 known "branches" of Committee 300, and we all list them together with the description of their functions. As soon as it becomes known, will be easy to understand, how the unique central body of conspirators can operate so effectively and why no authority on the ground can resist to his impact against bases of the civilized progressive world in which basis the personal freedom as it is openly declared in the Constitution of the United States lays.

Due to testimony Gertsoni made under the oath, in Italy and Europe (but not in the USA) people have learned, that behind Aldo Moro's death stood Kissindzher. This tragical history shows ability of Committee 300 to impose the will to any government without exception. Being a member of the most powerful secret society in the world (here I have no in view of a freemasonry), Kissindzher not only threatened Moro, but also has put into practice the threats "to destroy" Moro if that will not refuse the plans of economic and industrial development of Italy.

In June and July, 1982 wife Aldo Moro testified at open judicial session, that murder of its husband has taken place after the serious threats of his life made, as she said, " the high-ranking political figure from the USA ". Mrs. Eleonora Moro has repeated the exact phrase made Kissindzherom under certificate Gertsoni: " Or you stop your policy, or dearly pay for it ". The judge has repeatedly caused Gertsoni and has asked, whether it can name the person about whom Mrs. Moro spoke. Gertsoni has answered, that it really was Henry Kissindzher what it declared earlier.

Gertsoni further has told to court that Kissindzher threatened Moro in his number in hotel during official visit of the Italian leaders to the USA. Moro, being the prime minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy, the country - a member of the NATO, was the person of a high rank, such people never should be exposed to pressure and threats in style of a mafia. Both at that time, and now Kissindzher is the important agent on service at " Royal institute international has put ", a member of " the Roman club " and " Advice under the international attitudes ".

Role Kissindzhera in destabilization of the United States by involving the country in three wars - in the Near East, in Korea and Vietnam - is well-known, as well as his role in war in Persian gulf in which the army of the USA operated as a mercenaries of Committee 300 for returning Kuwait under his control. Of Iraq have made an indicative example that other small countries even did not try to solve the destiny.

Kissindzher threatened also to deceased Ali Bhutto, ipeceaaioo the sovereign state Pakistan. "Crime" Bhutto was, that it promoted finding by his country of the nuclear weapon. Being the Muslim state, Pakistan felt constant threat of the Israeli aggression in the Near East. Bhutto has been coolly killed in 1978 by general Zija Ul Hakom - the representative " Advice under the international attitudes " (SMO) in Pakistan.

During planned coming to power Ul Hak has induced mad crowd to burn to embassy of the USA in Islamabad in obvious attempt to show SMO, that it is the independent leader and to involve more than the foreign help, and also, as it became known later to kill Richard Helmsa. Some years later Ul Hak have paid the life for intervention in war in Afghanistan. It " Oat-flakes N-130 " has been struck with directed pulse ENCH (electric low frequency) soon after rise therefore the plane has made a loop and has failed on the ground.

" The Roman club ", operating on the order of Committee 300 about elimination of general Ul Haka, without remorses has offered lives of some military men of the USA which are taking place onboard the plane, including group " Defensive prospecting agency " (US Defense Intelligence Agency), headed by brigade general Gerber Vassomom. General Ul Hak has been warned by turkish confidential service to not fly by planes as it became known that it is planned to blow up his plane in air. Taking into account it, Ul Hak has taken with itself group of military men of the United States in quality of "insurance policy" as it has explained to a narrow circle of the approached counselors.

In my work of 1989 " Terror in the sky " I have given the following description of event: "Shortly before" N-130 " Ul Haka has flied up from the Pakistan military base, near to a hangar in which stood N-130 the suspicious lorry has been noticed. With dispecherskoj towers gave the prevention to a protection service but while had time to undertake something, the plane has already flied up, and the lorry has left. In some minutes the plane unexpectedly started to do Nesterov's loop, and then ran into the ground and has blown up. Explanations of similar behaviour N-130 was not, the plane had excellent reputation on safety of flights, and the joint pakistano-American commission on investigation of accident has not found out mistakes of the pilot or any mechanical or structural malfunctions. Nesterov's unexpected loop is, so to say, recognized "trade mark" of the plane struck with pulse ENCH.

That Soviet Union had an opportunity was known to make the devices generating vysokoamplitudnye radio frequencies in the West on researches of the Soviet scientists working in branch of intensive relativistic electronic radiation " Institute of an atomic energy him. Kurchatova ". Among these experts were J.A.Vinogradov and A.A.Ruhadze. Both scientists worked in " Institute of physics as him. Lebedeva " which specializes on electronic and x-ray lasers.

Having received this information, I started to search for acknowledgement from other sources and have found out, that in England " the International magazine on electronics " has published some materials which, most likely, confirmed the information on a method, chosen to bring down plane S-130 of general Ul Haka. Besides this information has been confirmed from two sources in investigation. I have received some helpful information from the Soviet scientific newspaper, leaving in England under the name " Soviet Radio Electronics and Communications Systems " (" the Soviet radio electronics and communication systems "). I did not have doubts that general Ul Hak has been killed. In the lorry which saw at a hangar, undoubtedly there was mobile installation ENCH of that type which, as is known, is present in the Soviet Armed forces.

According to the written indications Bhutto which has been secretly taken out from the country when it was in prison, Kissindzher seriously threatened it: " I shall give to you and all rests an awful lesson if you will continue your policy of strengthening of the country ". Bhutto resisted Kissindzheru and to " the Roman club ", calling to realization of the program of nuclear power with the purpose to transform Pakistan in the modern industrial state, that in opinion of Committee 300 was direct disobedience to his orders transferred Kissindzherom to the Pakistan government. Threats Kissindzhera Bhutto were not a part of an official policy of the USA; it was the policy modern "Illjuminatov".

It is necessary to understand clearly why nuclear power so hate all over the world and why for war against nuclear power the fictitious "nature protection" movement created and financed by " the Roman club " is used. With the help of the nuclear power, allowing to develop huge quantities of the cheap electric power, the countries of the third world would become gradually independent of the financial help of the USA and would start to assert the sovereignty. The electricity made on atomic power stations is a key for a conclusion of less developed countries from that backward condition which the Committee 300 has ordered to keep and henceforth.

Reduction of the foreign help would mean reduction of the control of IMF behind natural resources of less developed countries. The idea of original self-determination of less developed countries was predana to the anathema as " the Roman club ", and Committee were above it 300. We saw, how movement against a nuclear energy in the USA has been successfully used to stop industrial development of the country according to the plans of Club providing " zero postindustrial growth ".

Dependence on the financial help of the USA actually holds foreign countries in slavery at " Advice under the international attitudes ". To the population of the countries with which appears such help, get only pity krohi, and the basic part settles in pockets of the state leaders which allow IMF to extort injuriously natural resources from the country. Mugabe, the leader of Zimbabwe (former Rodezii), represents a vivid example of how the foreign control over a source of raw materials of the country is carried out, in this case above high-quality chromic ore. Now all raw stocks of Zimbabwe are completely supervised by company Lonrho, a huge conglomerate which operates on behalf of the cousine queens Elizabeth II, the important member of Committee 300 Angus Ogilvi. The population of the country thus all is more deeply immersed in poverty and poverty, despite of allocated 300 million dollars of the help from the USA.

Lonrho possesses monopoly on rodezijsky (zimbabvijsky) hrom and can establish on him any price what will wish, but at Smith's mode such it was not allowed. The reasonable price level was supported within 20 years before coming to power Mugabe. Though and during 14-years board Yana Smith in the country there were problems, but after his displacement unemployment has jumped up twice, and now Zimbabwe is in a condition of chaos and actual bankruptcy. Mugabe has received enough the foreign help from the USA (about 300 million dollars a year), that has enabled it to construct three hotels on Azure coast in France, in Kap Ferat and Monte Karlo while his people suffered from illnesses, unemployments and undereatings, let alone a mode of the severe dictatorship overwhelming any protest. Compare it to Smith's mode which never asked and did not receive cent from the USA. Quite clearly, that the foreign help is a powerful means of the control over Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Besides it, the foreign help holds citizens of the USA in a condition of involuntary dependence and consequently they are completely unable to create serious opposition to the government. David Rockefeller knew, that did, when his bill of the foreign help became the law in 1946. Since then this law has got in number of the most hated laws of the country, especially after public exposure of the state racket, to pay for which falls, to simple people.

How it is possible to conspirators to hold for a throat all world, and especially the USA and the Great Britain? Ask such question more often: " As one separate organization can know at any moment about everything, what occurs in the world and how in general she carries out the control? " In this book we shall try to answer this and other questions. The unique way really to resist to success of conspirators is openly to name and develop discussion around of secret societies, and also the organizations, covering these societies, the governmental agencies, banks, the insurance companies, transnational corporations, a petroleum industry, around of hundreds thousand other organizations and the funds hiding under different signboards, but nevertheless subordinated to Committee 300 - to the SUPREME supervising body which operates the world at least already during hundred years.

As about " Advice under the international attitudes " and " the Tripartite commission " tens books are written already, we shall pass directly to " the Roman club " and " the German fund of Marshall ". Before I have published the information on these organizations in the United States, about them heard only very much the few. My first work " the Roman club ", published in 1983, has not involved almost any attention. Many uninitiated people thought, that " the Roman club " is something concerning Catholic church, and " the German fund of Marshall " is connected to " the Plan of Marshall ".

For this reason the Committee chooses such names to confuse a situation and to distract attention from an event. The government of the USA should know it, but as it is a component of plot, it will promote in every possible way to concealment of the information to not give the truth to leave on light. In some years after publication of my work writers who have suddenly seen in it a rich source of the fresh unique information were found and have begun to write and speak on this theme as though they already for a long time and thoroughly understood it.

For them that " the Roman club " and his financiers under the name " the German fund of Marshall " represent well organized branches of conspirators working under aegis of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that the majority of functionaries of " the Roman club " came in him from the NATO was revelation. All substantive provisions of a policy of the NATO have been formulated by " the Roman club " which, due to activity of a member of Committee 300 lords Karringtona, could split the NATO into two fractions: political group of authority (left) and actually military structure.

" The Roman club " continues to remain one of the basic foreign policy divisions of Committee 300, other such division is " Bilderbergsky club " (Bilderbergery). It has been created in 1968 after Aurelio Pechchei has personally called with those who originally made skeleton of "Group Morgentau", and has called them again to be united, to give a new pulse and to speed up realization of plans of creation of the Uniform World Government which now name New World Order though I prefer the first name. It describes essence of this phenomenon, than the name " the New World Order " which only brings mess as in history already there were some " new world orders " much better, but the Uniform World Government yet was not.

All most odious have responded to appeal Pechchei " architects of the future " from the United States, France, Sweden, the Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan. For the period with 1968 for 1972 " the Roman club " has turned to the organization uniting scientists of " a new science ", globalistov, futurologists and internationalists of different colours. As one of his members was expressed, " we became similar to Joseph's multi-coloured clothes ". In a basis of the doctrine accepted by a political wing of the NATO, book Pechchei " Human qualities " has lain.

Further the fragment from this book Pechchei is resulted:

" For the first time since the Christian world has approached to a threshold of the first millenium, huge weights of people are in disturbing expectation of inevitable approach something the unknown person that can reserve their general destiny... The Person does not know, that means to be the present modern person... The Person has thought up a fairy tale on the Angry Devil but if ever and there was a malicious devil IT is a PERSON... We have here human paradox: the person has got in a trap of the special talents and achievements as in quicksands - the more it uses the force, the more her it is required ". " We should repeat tirelessly what silly to explain present deeply pathological and painful condition of humanity any cyclic crisis or casual coincidence of circumstances. Since humanity has opened " box Pandory " with new technologies, it suffers from a uncontrollable increase in population, mania of growth, energy crisises, actual or potential shortage of resources, environmental contamination, nuclear madness and set of other similar disasters ".

It completely coincides with the program of movement "green", which has arisen much later at support of the same of " the Roman club " to brake and turn back industrial development.

In the wide plan, the prospective program of " the Roman club " includes development and distribution in the United States "postindustrial" ideas, alongside with distribution of countercultural movements and habits, such as drugs, fate, sex, hedonism, satanizm, sorcery and " movement green ". " Tavistoksky institute ", " Stenfordsky research institute ", " the Institute of social attitudes ", and also the widest spectrum of the other research organizations in sphere of applied social psychiatry or had the representatives in " the Roman club ", or operated as his counselors and played the leading part in attempts of the NATO to accept as a management ideology of " Plot of Era Vodoleja ".

It is considered, that the name " the New World Order " has become current after war in Persian gulf of 1991 while the Uniform World Government exists already hundreds years. The new World Order is not new, it existed and developed in this or that appearance already for a long time, but it nevertheless is perceived as the program of the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT that does not correspond to the validity; the New World Order is the PAST AND the PRESENT. That is why above I wrote, that more correct should be counted the name " the Uniform World Government ". Aurelio Pechchei has somehow admitted to close friend Alexander Hejgu, that it feels like as " reinkarnirovannyj Adam Vejsgaupt ". Pechchei in the big degree possessed brilliant ability Vejsgaupta to organize and operate modern illjuminatami, and it was showed in how Pechchei operated the NATO and formulated his policy on a global scale.

Within three decades Pechchei headed " Economic advice of the Atlantic institute ", simultaneously being the executive director Fiat Motor Company, belonging to Giovanni Agnelli (Giovanni Agnelli). Agnelli, the member of ancient Italian family from " Black Aristocracy ", is one of the most important members of Committee 300. It played the leading part in development of projects in Soviet Union.

" The Roman club " is an official covering the organization of the conspirators representing the union of Anglo-American financiers and old families " Black Aristocracy " Europe, especially so-called "aristocracy" of London, Venice and Genoa. The secret of their successful management of the world consists that they are capable to create controlled economic recessions and depressions. The committee 300 considers global social cataclysms and economic depressions as preparatory means before future more serious events and the basic method of creation of the whole weights of people worldwide which in the future become obedient addressees of his "unemployment benefits".

Apparently, many of the important decisions of Committee concerning humanity are developed on the basis of philosophy of Polish aristocrat Felix Dzerzhinskogo which considered, that people on development cost hardly above cattle. [1] Being the close friend of the British scout of Sydney Rejli (actually Rejli supervised actions Dzerzhinskogo during development bolshevistskoj revolutions), it frequently was frank with it during hard drinkings. Dzerzhinsky is that monster who headed the device of red terror. Once during next pjanki it has told Rejli the following: " the Person has no value. Look, that occurs, when you exhaust with his famine. It starts to eat the dead colleagues to survive. The person is interested only in the personal survival. Only it is real. All spinozovskaja philosophy is a heap of stuff ".

" The Roman club " has the private prospecting agencies and besides "borrows" the information the INTERPOL controllable by David Rockefeller. All very closely cooperate with it razvedsluzhby the USA, and also KGB and Mossad. The unique special service which has not got under his influence, was investigation of GDR "SHtazi" (STASSY.) " the Roman club " also has own well organized political and economic agencies. They have ordered to president Rejganu to keep in the rank of Field Volkera (? aul Volnker), one more important member of Committee 300. Volker has remained chairman of Federal reserve system of the USA, despite of assurances of candidate Rejgana, that it will displace it as soon as it, Rejgan, will be elected by the president.

Having played a key role in the Caribbean crisis, " the Roman club " has tried to impose to president Kennedi the program of " management of crises " (progenitrix FEMA, " Federal agency on extreme situations "). A little Tavistokskih scientists have visited the president to explain to it essence of the program, but the president has rejected all their advice. The same year, when Kennedi has been killed, representatives Tavistoka have again begun negotiations with NASA in Washington. This time negotiations were successful. NASA has concluded with Tavistokom the contract according to influence of the future space program on the American public opinion.

Execution of the contract was entrusted " Stenfordskomu to research institute " and " to Corporation Rand " (Rand Corporation). Many materials of this project prepared Tavistokom, Stenfordskim institute and Rand, and have not seen light and remain closed to this day. Some senatorial observant committees and subcommittees to which I applied for information, informed me, that they " never heard about it " and had no the slightest representation about where I could find that searched. The authority and prestige of Committee 300 are those.

In 1966 my colleagues on prospecting work have advised me to address to doctor Anatole Rappaportu (Anatol Rappaport) which has written work in which as spoke, the administration has been interested. The purpose of this document was to put an end to the space program of NASA which as asserted Rappoport, for a long time has lost the utility. Rappaport with pleasure has given to me a copy of the work, which essence if to not go into details, was, that all space program of NASA should be thrown out on a dump. In NASA scientists who rendered bad influence on America because they always with pleasure read lectures at schools and universities how rockets work have accumulated too many, starting from a principle of their movement and finishing details of a design. Rappoport asserted, that it will lead to occurrence in the future of the whole generation of the adult people, decided to become experts on research of space which once appear "superfluous" as by 2000 of their knowledge appear to nobody necessary.

As soon as " the Roman club " has presented to the NATO this brief report Rappoporta on NASA, Committee 300 has demanded actions. Among functionaries of the NATO - members of " the Roman club " it was entrusted to them to conduct campaign against NASA, were: Harland Cleveland, Joseph Slejter, Klejborn K. Pell, Uolter Dzh. Levi, George MakDzhi, William Uots, Robert Strauss - Hupe (the ambassador of the USA in the NATO) and Donald Lesh. In May, 1967 " the Scientific and technical committee of North Atlantic Assembly " and " Research institute on foreign policy " had been organized a meeting under the name " Conference on transatlantic disbalansu and to co-operation " which has taken place in a palace belonging to queen Elizabeth in Deville, France.

An overall objective of conference in Deville was to put an end to technological and industrial progress in the USA. Materials of conference have underlain two books, one of which, " Tehnotronnaja an era " Bzhezinsky was already mentioned by us. Another has been written by chairman of conference Aurelio Pechchei and refers to " Before a chasm " (" The Nhasm Ahaad "). Pechchei basically it agree with Bzhezinsky, but has added, that in the future the world will be plunged in chaos IF IT WILL NOT COPE the UNIFORM WORLD GOVERNMENT. In this plan Pechchei insisted that Soviet Union should be offered " convergence from the NATO " (convergence - merge, a convergence, per.), and this convergence will come to the end with equal partnership from the USA in the New World Order. Both nations should be responsible for the future " management of crises and global planning ". " The Roman club " has charged with the first " the contract on global planning " " Massachusetskomu to an institute of technology " (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to one of the main research institutes of Committee 300. In the chapter of the project have been put Dzhej Forrestor and Deniz Midouz.

In what the sense of their report has consisted? As a matter of fact it did not differ from sermons Maltusa and Hayek's Background (Frederich Von Hayek), that is the old question that natural resources on all will not suffice has been again lifted. Report Forrestora - Midouza was a frank deceit. In it it was intentionally held back that the creative genius who has proved the force of the person in any case will find the decision of a problem of lack of resources. For CREATION of natural resources energy of cold thermonuclear synthesis - the DEADLY ENEMY of Committee 300 can be used. For example, with the help of energy of cold thermonuclear synthesis it is possible to make from one square kilometer of dead rock so much aluminium, that it will be enough to satisfy our needs within 4 years.

Pechchei never stopped the sermon against the national states. It constantly repeated, that they are a brake for progress of humanity and called for "collective responsibility". Nationalism as a cancer tumour on the person - here a theme of the several important speeches made Pechchei. His close friend Ervin Laslo in 1977 has written the report in a similar key under the name to " the Purpose of humanity ". This work became a major landmark in researches of " the Roman club ". The report being as a matter of fact the program document, will consist of caustic attacks against industrial growth and a urbanization. Within all these years Kissindzher as the authorized representative " Royal institute international has put " supported close communication with Moscow. Friends Kissindzhera in the Kremlin on a regular basis received reports on " global modeling ".

Concerning the countries of the third world a member of " the Roman club " Harland Cleveland has prepared the report which represented top of cynicism. At that time Cleveland was the ambassador of the United States in the NATO. As a matter of fact in the report it was spoken that the countries of the third world should solve among themselves, what part of their population should be destroyed. Later Pechchei wrote (on the basis of the report of Cleveland): " Broken as a result of a policy of opposition of three largest countries and blocks worldwide, the existing international economic order on eyes will part on seams ? Necessity to resort to selection of those who should be rescued is rather gloomy prospect. But if, unfortunately, events will develop in this direction, the right to make such decisions should not belong only to the several countries as it will give them ominous authority above a life starving all world ".

The policy of Committee proceeds from this on purposeful destruction of the African nations by famine that is visible by the example of the countries laying to the south from desert Sahara. It was simply disgusting cynicism as the Committee 300 has already appropriated the right individually to dispose of a life and death, and Pechchei knew it. Earlier it specified it in the book " Limits of growth ". Pechchei completely denied industrial and agricultural progress and instead of him demanded, that all world submitted to one coordination advice, meaning, naturally, " the Roman club " and the establishments of the NATO making the Uniform World Government.

Natural resources should be distributed within the framework of global planning. The national states or should accept domination of " the Roman club ", or live under the law of jungle and struggle for the survival. In the first " a trial case " Midouz and Forrestor planned, that the arabo-Israeli war of 1973 has unambiguously let know to all world, that natural resources, such as oil, should proceed in the future under the control of global planners, meaning, certainly, Committee 300.

Tavistoksky the institute has called for consultations with Pechchei in which also have been involved MkDzhordzh Bandi (McGeorge Bundy), Houmer Perlmutter (Homer Perlmutter) and Dr. Alexander King (Dr. Alexander King). From London Pechchei has gone to the White House where it has met the president and his cabinet. Then visit to the Department of state of the USA where it conferred with the state secretary, heads razvedsluzhby the Department of state and the State advice of political planning has followed. Thus, the government of the United States from the very beginning has been completely informed on plans of Committee 300 concerning this country. Here and the answer to frequently asked question: " Why our government allows " the Roman club " to conduct subversive activities in the United States? "

Economic and monetary policy Volkera was reflection of a policy of sir Dzheffri Hou, Minister of Finance of the Great Britain, a member of Committee 300. It exemplifies how Britain operated the United States since time of war of 1812 and continues to carry out the control over the country through a policy of Committee 300.

What purposes of this secret elite group, successors illjuminatov (" Submitting wind Moria " - Moriah Conquering Wind), cult Dionisa, cult Izidy, Qatar, bogomilov? Members of this elite group which also name itself "OLYMPIANS" (they truly trust, that by the position and power they are equal to legendary gods of Olympus who have put itself as their god the Lucifier, is higher than our true God) firmly trust that they by the divine right are called to carry out the following:

(1) To establish board of the Uniform World Government - the New World Order with the incorporated church and monetary system under their management. Few people know, that the Uniform World Government began to create "church" in 1920-30, for it realizes necessity to give an outlet for needs of nature of humanity in religious belief, and consequently it has founded the "church" organization to direct this belief in a desirable channel for itself.

(2) national consciousnesses Full destruction and national advantage.

(3) Destruction of religions, and in particular Christianities, behind unique exception - the created religion which are mentioned above.

(4) Control over each person without exception by use of control facilities by consciousness, and also by means of that Bzhezinsky has named "tehnotronikoj" which will create humanoid robots and such system of terror in comparison with which Felix Dzerzhinskogo's red terror will look as children's game.

(5) any industrial developments Full the termination and manufactures of the electric power at nuclear stations in so-called " a postindustrial society with zero growth ". Exception will be made by the computer industry and the industry of service. The kept industry of the United States will be transferred in such countries, as Mexico where there is many slave labour. The unemployed who will appear as a result of destruction of the industry, or become the addicts consuming heroin or cocaine, or become figures in statistics of process of destruction which today is known under the name "Aeiaae-2000" (Global 2000).

(6) Legalization of drugs and pornographies.

(7) Reduction of the population of the big cities under the script fulfilled by a mode the Floor of Sweat in Cambodia. It is interesting to note, that plans of a genocide for the Floor of Sweat have been developed here, in the United States, one of the research centers of " the Roman club ". It is interesting also, that the Committee now aspires to lead again to authority in Cambodia polpotovskih murderers.

(8) Termination of all research works, except for what the Committee counts useful. The basic efforts should be directed against use of a nuclear energy in the peace purposes. Special hatred is caused with experiments on cold thermonuclear synthesis which now are in every possible way discredited and derided by Committee and the press subordinated to it. Creation of reactors on the basis of cold thermonuclear synthesis would not leave a stone on a stone from the concept of Committee about " the limited natural resources ". With the help of such power installations at their correct use it is possible to create any substances and materials from the most usual rocks. Opportunities of application of reactors of cold thermonuclear synthesis are really boundless, and they can bring to humanity such blessings about which people yet have no even the remote representation.

(9) By the limited wars in the advanced countries, and in the countries of the third world - by means of famine and illnesses to carry out by 2000 destruction of 3 billion person - what they name " useless eaters ". On this question the Committee 300 has charged Sajrusu Vensu to write the report on how in the best way to carry out this genocide. This work has left under the name " Report Global 2000 " (Global 2000 Report) and has been approved and accepted as the guide to action by the government of the USA on behalf of president Carter, and also a department of state of the USA on behalf of then state secretary Edvina of the Mask. According to positions " Global 2000 " the population of the USA by 2050 should be reduced up to 100 million person.

(10) To weaken moral spirit of the nation and to demoralize working class creation of mass unemployment. In process of reduction of workplaces owing to the policy of zero industrial growth spent by " the Roman club ", the demoralized and disappointed workers pristrastjatsja to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the country by means of a rock music and drugs will be induced to revolt against the existing order therefore will be undermined and eventually bases of family are destroyed. The committee 300 has charged Tavistokskomu to institute to prepare the project of the plan on achievement of these purposes. Tavistok has in turn charged with this work Stenfordskomu to university where under the direction of professor Uillisa Harmona and this plan which has received then popularity as " Plot of Era Vodoleja " has been made.

(11) to not suppose that peoples solved the destiny, it is artificial creating with this purpose various crisis situations with subsequent "management" of these crises. It will weaken and demoralizes the population up to such degree, that in conditions too ample opportunities of a choice of weight of people will simply run into apathy. In the USA the special agency on management of crises is already created. It refers to " Federal agency on management of extreme situations " (FEMA), I for the first time publicly informed about it in 1980. Further on a course of the book more extensive information about FEMA will be submitted.

(12) Creations of new cults and continuation of support already working, which include such gangsters from a rock music as group of dirty degenerate Mika Jagger "Rolling Stounz" (the group using special reverence among European " Black aristocracy "), and also all rock groups created Tavistokom, since "Bitlz". Continuation of distribution of a cult of the Christian fundamentalism based Darbi, prisluzhnikom " the British East indian company ". Actually this cult will be directed on amplification of the Zionist state Israel by means of identifitsirovanija adherents of a cult with Jews through a myth about " bogoizbrannom people ", and also by significant monetary donations that adherents of a cult wrongly count the good religious business directed on amplification of christianity.

(14) Assistance to distribution of such religious cults, as "Brothers-moslems", Muslim fundamentalists of various senses, sikhizm, and also carrying out of experiments with murders on a sample of " Sons Sema " Jim Johns. It is necessary to note, that late ajatolla Khomeini was a creature of the sixth branch of military investigation British razvedsluzhby, known under name IE-6 (MI-6) about what I wrote in 1985 in work " That actually has taken place in Iran ".

(15) Distribution of ideas of " religious clearing " worldwide with the purpose of undermining existing religions and especially christianities. It began from " Jesuit theology of clearing " which has led to falling of mode Somosy in Nicaragua, and today there is a destruction of El Salvador which is taking place already of 25 years in a condition of " civil war ", Kosta Riki and Honduras. One of the most active organizations distributing so-called theology of clearing, is procommunistic " Maria Knoll's Mission " (Mary Knoll Mission). It that steadfast attention of mass media to murder in El Salvador several years ago Maria Knoll's four so-called nuns speaks.

These four nuns were blasting agents of communists, and their activity has been in detail reflected in documents of the government of El Salvador. The American news agencies and press have flatly refused to publish or make comments on the numerous documents available at the government of El Salvador in which there were proofs of in what actually nuns " Maria Knoll's Mission " were engaged in the country. Maria Knoll operates in many countries, she played the leading part in distribution of communism in Rodezii, Mozambique, Angola and Southern Africa.

(16) Creation of general crisis in economic and generation of general political chaos.

(17) Capture under the control of all external and internal policy of the United States.

(18) Rendering the complete support nadnatsionalnym to the organizations, such as the United Nations Organization (United Nations), the International currency fund (IMF), Bank of international payments (BMR), World court, and also as far as it is possible to deprive local establishments of influence, gradually bringing to nothing their role or having transferred them under aegis of the United Nations.

(19) Introduction of blasting agents in all governments and conducting the activity directed on destruction of sovereign integrity of the countries, from within these governments.

(20) Organizations of the world terrorist device and negotiating with terrorists everywhere where terrorist activity takes place. It is necessary to recollect, what exactly Benito Kraksi has convinced the governments of Italy and the USA to begin negotiations with " Red brigades ", stolen prime minister Moro and general Dotsiera (General Dozier). By the way to tell, general Dotsier has received the order to not disclose that with it has taken place. If it will disturb silence, of him will undoubtedly make " an awful instructive example " like what Kissindzher has made of Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and general Zija Ul Haka.

(21) Establishment of the control over formation in the USA with the purpose of full and his final destruction.

Many of these purposes which I for the first time have listed in 1969, or already were, or will be soon achieved. Special interest in the program of Committee 300 represents essence of his economic policy which as a whole is based on doctrine Maltusa, the son of the English rural priest who was put forward and has received popularity thanking " the British East indian company ", served model for creation of Committee 300.

Maltus asserted, that progress of humanity is defined by natural ability of the Earth to provide existence of the given quantity of people, and after overcoming this threshold the limited natural resources of the Earth will be quickly exhausted. If these natural resources will be used, to replace or restore them it will be impossible. From here, notices Maltus, there is a necessity to limit growth of the population within the limits of sufficiency of decelerated natural resources. There is no need to speak that the elite will not allow to threaten own existence of rapid growth of number of " useless eaters ", hence it is necessary to resort to practice of selection. As I specified earlier, process of "selection" already began, and it is made on the methods painted in " Report Global 2000 ".

All directions of economic plans of Committee conduct to crossroads Maltusa and Frederika Hayek's background, one more gloomy economist sponsored by " the Roman club ". Born in Austria, a background Hayek long time was under David Rockefeller's protection, and now theories Hayek's background have received enough a wide circulation in the USA. It agrees a background to Hayek in a basis of economy of the USA should to lay (a) the city black markets; (a) the small industrial enterprises gonkongovskogo a sample, using potogonnuju system of work; (a) tourist trade; (a) zones of free business where full freedom of actions is given to speculators and where drug traffic can prosper; (a) the termination of industrial production and (a) closing of all atomic power stations. Further the full text in zip the form

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